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Umut Laser – Machinery will be at IGM 2022 Exhibition with YUEMEI Brand

Exhibitors show great interest in IGM 2022 Istanbul 27th International Garment Machinery, Spare Parts and Sub-Industry Exhibition, whose sales continue at full steam. Umut Lazer & Makina joined the companies that completed their application. The company will participate in the IGM 2022 Exhibition with the brand YUEMEI, which is one of the leading brands in the embroidery machinery industry.

IGM 2022 Exhibition, which will bring garment machinery manufacturers together for the 27th time at Istanbul Tuyap Fair and Congress Center, will be held on 8-11 September 2022. IGM 2022 Exhibition, which will embrace the entire garment and ready-to-wear industry with its wide and comprehensive participant profile, technology, and product variety, will host thousands of visitors and procurement delegations from many parts of the world from Europe to Asia, from the Middle East to the Balkans.

Umut Lazer & Makina, which has been serving as a manufacturer of embroidery machines, laser cutting machines, and fusing presses for many years, reserved its place at IGM 2022 Exhibition. Company owner Kerem İlhanlı explained the reason for participating in the IGM 2022 Exhibition as follows: ‘‘We are of the consideration that the contraction seen in almost all sectors for the last two years due to the troublesome pandemic outbreak will gain upward momentum in 2023. In particular, we think that the textile industry will be one of the locomotive sectors in the country’s exports in 2023 and the following years. Although the increasing foreign investor demands and supplies in the sector do not show parallelism with the domestic market dynamics, the opinion is that the European countries, which are the end consumers, will prefer our country. The fact that the increasing freight prices in some Asian and Far Eastern countries, which are some leading producers in the textile industry during the pandemic period, are still very high, provides a serious advantage for our country, which is opportune in terms of geographical location. Although we are going through a difficult period, the developments in the sector as the brand ‘YUEMEI’ give us hope for the future. In the light of this hope, it will be a proud occasion for us to take part in exhibitions and promotions on behalf of our country and our company. We attach great importance to the fact that the timing of the IGM 2022 Exhibition coincides with the situation of a world that has changed its crust economically and financially, and our country, which feels the discomfort of this.’’

‘‘Our priority is to present the quality of YUEMEI to our local customers as well as to multinational visitors’’

Stating that, ‘‘Our primary duty is to present the brand and quality of ‘YUEMEI’, one of the pioneers of the sector, to the appreciation of our local customers as well as multinational visitors,’’ further expressed, ‘‘Reaching new audiences with the confidence of our local customers and business partners is another goal for us and for our country. We aim to share the pride of being in the sector for many years and the quality-priority trust in our company with our fellow colleagues in the sector and to set an example.’’

İlhanlı continued his statements as follows: ‘‘In this period when global economic balances will be reshaped, diversifying and multiplying organizations such as the IGM Exhibition, regardless of the sector as a country, undoubtedly has a direct determining feature in terms of where the country’s economy will position itself in the coming years. Rather than evaluating the contributions of such organizations to national economies on a sectoral basis, on a micro-scale, it would be more accurate to consider them from a broader perspective, taking into account the increasing demand and job opportunities on a global basis. Therefore, we hope that IGM 2022 will result in a positive outcome for all textile machinery manufacturers rather than its mere contributions to the Embroidery Machinery industry.’