Ramazan Kaya, Chairman Of:TGSD We Will See The Change And Development In The Industry at IGM 2022 Exhibition

Chairman of Turkish Clothing Manufacturers Association (TGSD) Ramazan Kaya stated: ‘‘The IGM 2022 Exhibition, which will be held after a long time, will be the first exhibition that the exhibitors will exhibit their new products developed during this period.’’

The garment machinery industry, ready-to-wear manufacturers and investors come together at the IGM 2022 Exhibition, which is the most comprehensive meeting point of the industry. The participation demand is quite intense to the IGM Exhibition, whose sales continue at full steam. The exhibition also receives support from sector representatives and unions.

Ramazan Kaya emphasized that international exhibitions are very useful organizations for the promotion of the country stated the following on the subject; ‘‘Exhibitions are of great importance especially in terms of introducing ourselves to new markets and promotion. EU countries receive 60-65% of our export volume. In the coming period, we will further increase our market share in the USA and perhaps in the Far East. We also support our exports by promoting our country through international exhibitions. In order for our country to become even better in foreign trade, we need to increase international lobbying and promotion / marketing activities. I believe that international exhibitions will also contribute to this issue by strengthening relations with buyers in related countries.’’

“All participants will have the opportunity to introduce and explaining the products they have developed at IGM 2022”

Ramazan Kaya expressed the following regarding the contributions of IGM 2022 Garment Machinery, Spare Parts and Sub-Industry Exhibition to the apparel and ready-to-wear industry: ‘‘We will observe the change and development experienced in the sector during the pandemic period at the IGM Exhibition. In the last two years, we have realized the progress that we could not achieve in 10 years. All participants will have the opportunity to introduce and explain the products they have developed.
Digital platforms are beneficial, but generally people want to come together physically and converse. That’s why we support the continuation of the exhibitions. It is necessary to take good care of the result interest in the exhibitions and to make them sustainable. We should think about the interaction between the participants of the exhibition in the medium and long term, not as a one-time or one-day basis. The attendance to the exhibition shouldn’t be only once, you must take part continuously in order to secure a position in the market.

Since the IGM 2022 Exhibition will be organized after a long break, it will be the first exhibition where the participants will exhibit their new products developed in this period. It is a good feeling to create synergy by bringing all sectors together. There is strength in unity, we are all supporters of each other.”