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Full Support from KOMİD to IGM 27th International Garment Machinery Exhibition

IGM 2022 Istanbul 27th International Garment Machinery, Spare Parts and Sub-Industry Exhibition, which will bring garment machinery manufacturers together for the 27th time at Istanbul Tuyap Fair Center, will be held on 8-11 September 2022. Turkey’s first in its field and one of the most important exhibitions in the world, IGM 2022 received full support from Turkish garment machinery manufacturers. A cooperation protocol was signed with the Garment Automation Machinery Manufacturers Association (KOMID), which announced that they would participate in the IGM 2022 Exhibition in accordance with the decision they made with their members.

IGM 2022 International Garment Machinery Exhibition, organized with the partnership of Tüyap Fairs and Exhibitions Organization Inc. and Teknik Fairs Inc., which has elevated the ITM-International Textile Machinery Exhibition a global brand, is will be the most comprehensive meeting point of the industry where investors and visitors from all over the world can see the latest technologies in garment machinery.

Full support came from the domestic garment machinery manufacturers to the IGM 2022 Fair, which sales continue at full steam and had intense participation demands. Finally, a cooperation protocol was signed with KOMİD-Garment Automation Machinery Manufacturers Association and its members, who announced that they would participate in the IGM 2022 Exhibition.

Haluk Akın: ‘‘As We Know the Importance of Continuity in Exhibition Organization, We Decided to Participate in the IGM 2022 Exhibition’’

The signing ceremony was held with the participation of KOMİD members, including Turkey’s leading garment machinery manufacturers such as Serkon Makina, Robotech, Epa Akın, LGM Group, AGM Special, MCN Makina, New Tech Sewing Machines, and Ün-Taş.

KOMİD Chairman of the Board Haluk Akın announced that they decided to attend the IGM 2022 Exhibition after the meetings they held with the members. Akın continued as follows, ‘‘As an association, we consider that continuity is important in exhibition organization. For this reason, we have decided to participate in the IGM 2022 International Garment Machinery Exhibition, which will be held in cooperation with Tüyap, which has been organizing the garment machinery exhibition for 26 years, and Teknik Fairs, which has 30 years of experience in the field of exhibitions. In accordance with the founding purpose of the association, we think that this exhibition is going to give the domestic machinery manufacturers the value they deserve and thanks to the international promotional activities it has done, exports will increase with the arrival of many purchasing delegations and visitors from abroad. I believe that this cooperation will provide great opportunities for our members to grow and develop their businesses.’’

Necip Güney: ‘‘IGM 2022 Exhibition Will Play a Big Role in Increasing Exports of Apparel Machinery Manufacturers’’

Necip Güney, Chairman of the Board Teknik Fairs Inc., stated the following regarding the cooperation: ‘‘Together with Tüyap, the largest organization in the exhibition sector with its 42 years of experience, we set out to organize the IGM 2022 Exhibition the most important meeting point of the textile world in a short time. The declaration of KOMİD members that they would be with us on this journey gave us strength and energy. I think that the IGM 2022 Exhibition, which the garment machinery industry is eagerly waiting for due to a 4-year mandatory break, will revive the domestic market and create a growth opportunity for the industry by increasing exports. I would like to thank our KOMİD members who are going to be with us at the IGM 2022 Exhibition, where many domestic and foreign brands will exhibit their latest technological innovations.’’

IGM Exhibition Will Create Trade Volume Worth Millions of Dollars

IGM 2022 Istanbul 27th International Garment Machinery, Spare Parts and Sub-Industry Exhibition, which will embrace the entire apparel and ready-to-wear industry with its wide and comprehensive participant profile, technology, and product variety, will host thousands of visitors and trade delegations from many parts of the world from Europe to Asia, from the Middle East to the Balkans. While professional investors and buyers participate in the IGM Exhibition, which will create a trade volume worth millions of dollars, increase their business network, and export aspiration, visitors will have the opportunity to meet with state-of-the-art products.